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About Parken Gård Husky

Parken Gård Husky is a family-run dog sledding business situated between the steep mountains in Langfjordbotn, Alta, in Northern Norway. Dogmushers Arne Karlstrøm and Marianne Skjøthaug run the business, with a little help from our daughter Mina. In addition to our huskies, we are also dairy farmers and we love sharing our knowledge of dog sledding and farming with our guests.

We are not a big tourism business, but a family who loves to go on adventures with our dogs. Come and join us on a personal dog sledding experience, one hours wonderful drive away from Alta, in the open landscape of the beautiful Norwegian mountains and fjords.

Dog sledding with Parken Gård Husky in Alta

We have both longer and shorter dog sledding trips for the guests that come to visit us. All our trips run from our farm down by the fjord and our longest trips take you far up into the mountains. The shorter trips also take you up to the root of the mountain and the view of the fjord and surrounding landscape is stunning wherever you look. We recommend this experience for anyone who wants to try their hand at dogsledding and have a great nature experience at the same time.

Photos by Photographer Dánil Røkke, Noraførr AS

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Visit us in Langfjordbotn, Northern Norway