Naustet is a traditional Norwegian boathouse which our family has converted into looking more like a cabin. It is really cosy and is decorated in a traditional style, situated so close to the fjord that the waves sometimes lap up against the foundations. It has room for four people in four beds split across two rooms. In addition it has its own kitchen, living room and fully-equipped bathroom, as well as an outdoor barbeque-area. Booking is done on email-request.

Isbreen The Glacier – Jøkelfjord

Isbreen, The Glacier, is one of our greatest partners and sits just on the other side of the mountain in beautiful Jøkelfjord. Only a 15 minute drive from Parken Gård Husky. Jøkelfjord has few street lights, making it ideal for northern lights. The Glacier has focused on building their accommodations to create the least amount of imprint on nature. Their igloos are not only stunning, but also sustainable. They have four different igloos to choose from; Vika, Rammstein, Huldrestein and Skaldatind. In addition you can enjoy both a sauna and an outdoor jacuzzi at the main building, as well as delicious food with focus on local flavours.