Certified Norwegian Eco-Tourism Business

We are proud to have achieved our certification as an ecotourism business. At Parken Gård Husky nature and sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do and we would like to present to our guest and visitors to this website our eco tourism policy. This policy is based on the seven following principles and on what an ecotourism business should be.

An Eco tourism business should

  • be nature- and culture-based and have eco tourism as their fundamental philosophy throughout their business.

Parken Gård Husky has provided tourist experiences since 1998. We yearn to communicate and share our passion for dogsledding with our guests. Dogsledding is a nature-based activity and we are proud ambassadors when it comes to our story as dogmushers and of how we use the nature around us. We are passionately interested in sharing our Northern Norwegian culture and use of nature. 

  • actively contribute to preserving nature and culture, possess excellent knowledge regarding their own influence on the environment and always exercise a precautionary attitude and approach. 

At Parken Gård Husky we always do our best to minimize the imprint we make on nature and are careful to mind both animals and others who use nature in the areas we move through. We have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the local landscapes and know what kind of considerations must be taken. We comply with the Norwegian law for those to use nature and other laws regarding wildlife in our area. (Friluftloven og naturmangfoldloven)

  • yearn to run their business the most eco-friendly way possible, balancing ecological, cultural, social and economic considerations.

At Parken Gård Husky we strive to operate our business in a sustainable manner in every way possible. This applies to transport, the size of our guest groups, our purchases, our waste disposal and energy usage. We promote sustainable dog sledding as an activity in our beautiful surroundings. We mainly shop at the convenience store and serve local food that is home-made and has traveled a short distance.

  • make a positive contribution to the local community, use local labour, local services and raw materials, strive to work for increased cooperation and show a general social responsibility.

At Parken Gård Husky we have close connections the local farm in a small village, surrounded by beautiful arctic mountains and fjords. We are proud dog mushers, who love the life we live with our dogs, whether we are using them for races or taking our guest out on an adventure. We collaborate with local businesses and help keep the village alive with our involvement in the village council and other teams and associations. We are keenly interested in conveying northern Norwegian culture with a focus on agriculture and nature conservation.

  • contribute to the maintenance of listed buildings and must be able to adapt according to the local place, customs and building practices, as well as special characteristic when choosing both building materials and solutions.

Parken Gård Husky is connected to Parken Gård, which is a dairy farm, and we are the third generation of farmers. We are now in the process of furnishing part of the oldest barn, which we no longer use for the animals. Here we wish to receive guests and hold lectures with light refreshments. There is also a disabled toilet here. This will help keep this part of the farm building in use and we strive to follow local building practice.

  • place high demands on host and guides. Good communication and learning are some of the most central parts of the product.

We always make sure our guest are greeted with a warm welcome, when they come to join us one of our tours. Before we head out, we always provide them with the necessary guidance and training needed for ensuring that they have the best experience possible. We want our guest to both learn a lot about our lives and culture, but also get a feeling of accomplishment from the activities that we do. When they visit us, they’ll be involved in the entire process from start to finish in the dog yard. We believe that this creates a better experience for the guest, as it is our wish that they feel both seen and heard and not least well taken care of. We also want them to feel our enthusiasm for dogsledding and the rest of our work and hope it rubs off on them. As dogsledding is our greatest passion, we want to convey this lifestyle that we cherish so much to our guests.

  • offer memorable experiences and creates a meeting place that provides employees and guest and insight into the local culture, society and environment. 

Parken Gård Husky is a small family business that has dog sledding as a lifestyle and passion. We have been actively involved in this for over 30 years and experience it as a privilege to be able to share with it guests from all over the world. We strive to create memorable experiences for our guests, especially nature experiences with people and dogs as the framework. We live in a small village, and are proud ambassadors for our areas, which we know very well. We share our lives, and give guests authentic encounters with dogs and nature.