Our Dogsledding philosophy

We have over 30 years of experiences working and racing with sled dogs in Alta. There is so much work that goes into raising and training a good team, which you do not see if you’ve only experienced dogsledding as a spectator or through short visits to a local dog yard. One thing is all the long hours and hard work, but another is the connection and the trust that you need to establish with your team.

The dogsledding lifestyle

Dogsledding is a lifestyle. It is an identity and an all-consuming way of life. We love our doges and are driven on by the desire for new, great experiences as dogmushers. The exciting adventures ahead, the new puppies that are arriving in time for summer, the joy of training the younger dogs, the opportunity to participate in races and meet others like us and the excitement of seeing whether or not all the training yields good results – that’s that we live for. We love seeing our dogs grow from puppies into full-fledged race dogs. It is both thrilling and rewarding experience and having a dogyard full of happy dogs is the greatest privilege of all.

Passion for dogsledding

Dogsledding is a passion. For dogs and for nature and the connection to both that we experience as dogmushers. To be forced to go outside, no matter the weather, all year round, and to push your own limits gives an incredible sense of accomplishment and strong feelings of gratitude.

The world’s greatest dogs

It is a privilege to be able to provide our guest with a taste of the life we’re living, close to our dogs and nature. All dogmusher think they have the world’s greatest dogs, but we actually got proof of it in 2011, when we won the dogsledding world championship. We love sharing them with our guest and showing our guests the what an amazing nature experience you can get on the dogsled.