Dog sledding with Parken Gård Husky

A taste of dog sledding

We love teaching our guest about dog sledding and this experience is the perfect taste of our dog sledding lifestyle. You’ll join us in the dogyard to learn about and help us prepare the dogs that are joining us. If you wish you can be a passenger, otherwise we’ll let you be in charge of your very own dog sledding team. An experienced guide will always be driving in front to guide you through our training rounds. You’ll get to experience the incredible arctic nature where the mountain meets the sea and we’ll teach you about the landscape you see and tell you stories about our dog sledding lives. At the end of our trip, we’ll return to the dogyard to put the dogs back. Next we’ll enjoy a cosy time around the bonfire with something warm to drink and homemade cake.

Seasons: From snowfall (around October) until the snow melts (May)

Dog sledding with lunch

This experience gives you a taste of our life as mushers and the dog sledding ride provides both a great nature experience and a feeling of mastery. You’ll join us as we prepare the dogs for the trip and we’ll let you be in charge of your own dog team to get a feeling of the special bond that you get from working together with the sled dogs. You can also be a passenger, if you’d like. Either way, you’ll have a great nature experience as we move from sea to summit with our dog sledding team. We’ll travel from the fjord and up into the mountains and there will be plenty of photo-opportunities as we stop for lunch. We’ll either eat at warm little cabin or outside, around the bonfire, if the weather allows it. As we return, you’ll get to help as we put the dogs back and learn more about dog sledding life.

Seasons: From snowfall (around October) until the snow melts (May)

Tailored dog sledding adventure

Sometimes our guests want a particular kind of dog sledding adventure or something different than our short or half-day tour. From years of experience with dog sledding and our knowledge of the area, we are able to tailor our tours based on what our guests want or need. Whether they want an overnight tour with a cabin or to go further into the mountains than our other tours do, we can adapt quite a lot to make sure our guests have the best dogsledding adventure possible.

Seasons: From snowfall (around October) until the snow melts (May)

Photos by Photographer Dánil Røkke, Noraførr AS